Frenchtown Family Transfer

Currently in the design phase, our services will include engineering design, survey coordination and planning-based services to create five lots from an existing 5.11-acre parcel utilizing the family transfer exemption. Design of water and wastewater facilities to ensure the lot layout conforms with local and state regulations will be critical in the overall projects success. This will include performing site evaluations for onsite wastewater facilities for the proposed lot configuration, as well as performing non-degradation analysis of the proposed gravity drainfields. Stormwater analysis for the proposed lots is being performed to ensure post development runoff does not exceed pre-development rates, and to obtain approval from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

Project Location

Mill Creek Ranches
Frenchtown, MT

Project Completion

Phase 1 - Ongoing

Project Owner

Current Land Owner

Scope of Services

  • Agency Coordination
  • Site Design
  • Site Evaluation
  • Survey Coordination
  • Water Design
  • Wastewater Design