Lyle Lane Subdivision

Currently in the design phase, this 2 lot minor subdivision within the Mill Creek Ranches subdivision will accommodate the development of a 5-acre Equine Veterinary Clinic and a single-family residence once complete. Due to existing covenants, the initial phase included contacting current property owners requesting approval for the intended commercial use. After successfully gaining approval, our portion of work for the minor subdivision will include all planning, engineering, and survey necessary to submit a completed application to Missoula County for review and approval.

Project Location

Frenchtown, MT

Project Completion

Phase 1 - Ongoing

Project Owner

Dr. Timothy Bagnell

Scope of Services

  • Agency Coordination
  • Covenant Restriction Lifting
  • Grading & Drainage
  • Permitting
  • Site Design
  • Survey Coordination
  • Water Design
  • Wastewater Design